Americhip: Medtronic In Office Display: Custom App Dev, CMS, Analytics Reporting and 8” Tablets


Medtronic In Office Display: Custom App Dev, CMS, Analytics Reporting and 8” Tablets

Medtronic In Office Display: Custom App Dev, CMS, Analytics Reporting and 8” Tablets

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For its diabetes product line, Medtronic needed an in office device that could educate patients about their disease state and treatment options and also gather patient information.  The client required a communications tool that would be easy to use for the patient, require very little oversight by the HCPs and allow for remote updating of content throughout the 24 month deployment.


Americhip’s team of software engineers worked closely with the product marketing team at Medtronics to design an integrated custom App that includes all of the following elements:

The App includes three layers of content and twenty four educational and training videos (in English and Spanish) that highlight a variety of treatment options.  As patients wait for their doctors they are able to engage with videos highlighting treatment options and best practices to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  If interested in learning more, we designed a Patient Submission Form that allows individuals to type in  their contact information and medical status for a follow up call with an appropriate Client Rep.  In addition to the patient UI/UX, we also designed a workflow for the client's reps who carry the devices into each clinic to allow them to register each office and practitioner and set up the wi-fi or cellular connectivity. 

We also designed a fully integrated CMS/Back-End Portal that allows for complete tablet management, including real-time status reports on devices and the ability to update content remotely.  And, as the devices are connected, we are able to provide the client with patient activity reports by location and date showing conversion data, video viewing history, performance results and registration status.  Americhip also provided complete compliance and security protocols including penetration testing, MDM control, TLS encryption, scan of app and servers and vulnerability remediation.

When you need a sophisticated, in office connected device to engage patients and capture key contact information partner with Americhip to develop an integrated custom App that educates your patients and provides you with critical analytics and performance data. 

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