Americhip: Henkel's Kenra Color Specialty Package


Henkel's Kenra Color Specialty Package


Henkel's Kenra Color Specialty Package

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Henkel was launching a new hair care color system and needed a creative way to communicate to busy salon personnel how to properly use the new system to achieve the perfect colors.


Americhip worked with the brand team at Kenra who came up with a very clever execution—send an Echo Dot to each salon to serve as its “Kenra Color Voice Assistant.”  To make sure recipients understood what they were getting, Americhip designed a deluxe, turned-edge package that included audio messaging and LED technology that triggers when the package is opened. As a final technology assist to each Salon owner, we embedded an NFC tag into the lid of the package that automatically directs the recipient's device to a custom URL page containing instructional videos and download instructions for the Echo Dot.

Educate your target audience with custom audio, lighted and NFC technologies from Americhip. 

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