Americhip: Daou Vineyards Decorative Wine Box


Daou Vineyards Decorative Wine Box

Daou Vineyards Decorative Wine Box

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With so much competition out there and with stylish designs a must, how can brands ensure their products stand out and get presented with the right level of sophistication?


Partner with Americhip to create custom branded merchandise that elevates your product and sets it apart within the world of commodities.  Daou is a family business with a true American Dream story—as represented in its iconic Bell Tower logo.  Americhip partnered with Daou and its agency to design a sleek and highly stylish 13” tall wine box constructed of a leatherette outer and a luxurious velvet inner liner.  The design includes two tone leather vertical stripes, decorative and functional carry straps, a zippered lid and the bell logo printed on each side.  The beautiful wine box elevates the gift giving experience and also makes for a perfect storage location at home.

When you need to communicate the history and sophistication of your brand partner with Americhip to create unique and stylish custom branded merchandise that elevates your brand above the competition.

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