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Nestle Video Book

Nestle Video Book

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Nestle needed an impressive piece for its sales team to use to highlight the healthy attributes of its new Nan with Opti Pro product. Nestle had strong scientific data supporting its product's performance, but it needed a unique marketing vehicle to really deliver its message.


Americhip developed the first of its kind video book with our 7" LCD screen embedded into the oversized piece. The large screen really delivers a powerful message--just what Nestle wanted to highlight the experts' testimonials in support of this new product. No other marketing product can deliver a compelling live video message from four doctors and professors supporting the science behind your products.


The Nestle Reps, pharmacists and retailers with whom they shared the video book were extremely impressed with both the medium and the message. In fact, Nestle has reordered the 7" video book on three separate occasions.

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