Americhip: Adidas Patrick Mahomes Deluxe Wakanda Forever Launch Boxes


Adidas Patrick Mahomes Deluxe Wakanda Forever Launch Boxes

Adidas Patrick Mahomes Deluxe Wakanda Forever Launch Boxes

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In a hyper competitive marketplace like kids athletic shoes, how can you ensure your new product launch stands out to retailers, influencers and consumers?


Partner with Americhip to produce a one-of-a-kind, deluxe package that elevates your product above the competition.  Adidas was promoting its Patrick Mahomes line of shoes with a specialty design inspired by Wakanda Forever and needed a deluxe package that lived up to this impressive pedigree.  Americhip’s packaging engineers came up with an impressive new design that elevated the unveiling experience and ensured every influencer and consumer felt a jolt of energy when opening the launch kits.  We included specialty foils and materials to heighten the wow factor and then seeded each kit with Adidas swag to complement the impressive new shoes.

Partner with Americhip to develop a completely unique launch kit that will impress your influencers, retailers and consumers. 

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