Americhip: Fastly Promotional Package with Yeti Mug + NFC Tag


Fastly Promotional Package with Yeti Mug + NFC Tag

Fastly Promotional Package with Yeti Mug + NFC Tag

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Fastly is a leading cloud computing services provider and needed a clever promotional package to remind top tech companies of the major inefficiencies caused by slow streaming.


Fastly and its agency partnered with Americhip to design and produce a distinguished turned-edge specialty package including a ribbon hinge to hold the box lid at a 90 degree angle.  When opened, Fastly’s tech customers and prospects were treated to a bag of coffee and an iconic Yeti Rambler coffee mug with the tag line “Even coffee can’t fix slow streaming.”  At little extra cost, we embedded an NFC tag on a small decal sitting on top of the mug where consumers can tap their phone to be taken directly to a custom URL page on Fastly’s site. 

When you need a creative promotional package for your customers and prospects partner with Americhip to create a Multisensory engagement kit including promo merchandise and an NFC tag to fully convey your campaign's message and to track user engagement.

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