Americhip: Coca-Cola’s 10” Video Countertop Display


Coca-Cola’s 10” Video Countertop Display

Coca-Cola’s 10” Video Countertop Display

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What tools are most effective to stop consumers in their tracks and educate them on a new line extension or brand makeover?


Go big with a video billboard right at the point of contact.  Americhip partnered with Coke to help it launch its new Arctic Coke product (an instore dispenser that turns a regular bottle of Coke into a slushy in just seconds).  Obviously, consumers know all about Coke, but they don’t know about Arctic Coke or how to create one using the new Coke Machines that went into convenience stores all over the country.  To overcome that challenge, Americhip designed a large Video Countertop Display that houses our 10” video screen and sits right next to the Arctic Coke Machines.  The video displays play a 20 second animated message showing consumers exactly how to make their own Coke Slushy.  We included our motion sensor so the video begins playing as soon as consumers approach.

Make sure you’re educating shoppers about your newest product or brand makeover with a large Video Countertop Display from Americhip.

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