Americhip: Beiersdorf Nivea Spinning & Glowing Blade


Beiersdorf Nivea Spinning & Glowing Blade

Beiersdorf Nivea Spinning & Glowing Blade

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When consumers think they know all about your brand, how can you communicate about the innovative upgrades in your new product roll out?


Grab attention right in the store aisle and shed light on those innovative upgrades.  Working with the brand team at Nivea and its agency, Americhip designed and manufactured a clever 18” high shelf-edge display in the iconic blue of Nivea’s line.  To grab shoppers’ attention and educate them on the newest features, we incorporated a light panel behind the product images so that each time a shopper passes the Nivea Bottles illuminate and highlight its message of 48 hour moisturizing.  To further educate consumers, we designed a 3-dimensional teardrop inlay that mounts to a spindle and spins on shelf to highlight Nivea’s new 48 hour deep nourishing moisture.

When you need to highlight the key features and benefits of your new product, work with Americhip to create an innovative shelf-edge display that will get your product noticed in the busy retail aisle.

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