Americhip: The Capital Grille Gift Card Sleeve


The Capital Grille Gift Card Sleeve

The Capital Grille Gift Card Sleeve


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With every retailer and business outlet offering gift cards, co-pay cards and other consumer incentive cards, how can you dress up yours to distinguish them from the crowd?


Partner with Americhip to bring some class and sass to the gift card giving experience.  We partnered with The Darden Group for its Capital Grille restaurant chain to design and produce a stylish  leather sleeve to hold the plastic cards.  As a further upgrade, we included distinctive stitching around all four sides and debossed the restaurant’s logo into the material.  Upgrade the plastic card exchange to more of a gift giving experience with a branded leather sleeve from Americhip.  After all, it’s the little things and paying attention to detail that separate the highly respected brands from the rest of the crowd.

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