Video In-Store Merchandising

These days, the shopping experience is a barrage of information launched at shoppers from all directions. Targeted lighting, narration, music, and moving displays can be found in every inch of stores. So how do you elevate your brand above all the clutter? By using Americhip’s Video in Print™. Buyers stop when they see live Video In-Store Merchandising playing crystal-clear and interactive Video in Print™ technology. Incorporate video storytelling to capture your audience at the shelf, on counters, and with innovative floor displays. Today’s consumers like their information delivered fast and with superior production values, and that’s exactly what V.I.P. delivers.

Honeywell POS Display

point of sale display

Windex POS Display

video packaging

Norelco Video Blade

POS Video Display

Hy-Vee Video Blade

video blade

Red Bull Promo Packaging

audio packaging

3-D Hologram Displays

digital signage

DQ S'mores POS Display

audio table tent

Albertsons Digital Signage

Large Format Displays

Vans Point of Sale Display

Point of Sale Display

Alli Shelf Talker

Shelf Talker


video display


video shelf talker

Bloomingdales 3D Stage

dimensional mailer

Michelin Table Tent

lighted POS display

Novartis Sentinel Video Welcome Kit

Video Welcome Kit and In-Office Educational Display

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Audio Card

Fiserv Audio Card

With Americhip's proprietary Audio Microchip Technology, Fiserv was able to engage its target audience with a simple yet effective custom Audio Card that begins playing as soon as the card is opened.

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Live Call Brochure

Vertex Mobile in Print Brochure

Americhip produced Mobile in Print brochures for Vertex Pharmaceuticals which were mailed to a specific group of patients. With the push of a button, those patients were connected live with their GPS Case Managers.

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Video Insert

Grupo Estado Newspaper Wrap

Grupo Estado wanted to deliver a high impact advertising vehicle that would create a stir throughout the media and grab consumers’ attention.

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Video Insert»

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