Americhip: Duke Energy 3D Pop-Up Direct Mailer


Duke Energy 3D Pop-Up Direct Mailer

Duke Energy 3D Pop-Up Direct Mailer

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Duke Energy needed a direct mailer that would break through the clutter and grab the attention of its target audience made up of commercial builders and real estate companies.


Generate some excitement and hold their attention with Americhip’s low-cost Multisensory dimensional mailers. For this design, our paper engineers created a 3-D pop up building that spoke to this audience and helped to convey how Duke can help them design more energy-efficient buildings. Our custom pop ups are not only fun to look at, but also bring engagement and education through the tactile sense. Consumers want to see more than ink on paper, and the extra enhancement of our Multisensory Print will generate stronger ROI for your next mailing.

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