Americhip: Monk Crunch Product Introduction Video Retailer Kit


Monk Crunch Product Introduction Video Retailer Kit

Monk Crunch Product Introduction Video Retailer Kit

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When you’re launching a new product in a crowded retail aisle, what can you do to educate your key retailers about what makes your product special and deserving of a prime shelf placement?


Create a new product introduction kit for your key retailers and the media that can’t be missed.  Americhip partnered with Select Harvest on the launch of its new roasted almond line by creating an impressive turned-edge video package measuring 20” long by 13” wide by 3.”  The kit opens to reveal our 7” screen playing a video highlighting the unique features and health benefits of the monk fruit, the source of the new healthy snack.  The launch kit also includes an oversized product spec brochure which removes to reveal three turned edge wells holding the new product. An impressive kit sure to wow any retailer.

Make sure you're getting the shelf placement your product deserves and generating the wow factor with your key retailers with a technology-enhanced Video Launch Kit from Americhip.

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