Americhip: Videotel Patented Video Direct Mailer


Videotel Patented Video Direct Mailer

Videotel Patented Video Direct Mailer

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When your service is transforming your industry, how can you effectively communicate that to your core B2B customers and prospects?


Videotel and its agency partnered with Americhip to create an integrated video direct mailer that delivers a compelling communication device highlighting Videotel’s unique product and service offerings.  The custom printed shipper box opens to reveal a sleek video mailer with three chapter buttons highlighting how its new Performance Manager product is transforming the face of training.  When you’re looking to make a bold B2B development pitch to your industry like Videotel did to highlight “the next evolution in maritime training,” be sure you can back it up with a piece as impressive as Americhip’s patented Video Mailer. 

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