Americhip: Astra Zeneca 5” Patented Video Mailer


Astra Zeneca 5” Patented Video Mailer

Astra Zeneca 5” Patented Video Mailer

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When your product stands alone as the only effective solution for a critical challenge, how can you most effectively communicate that success to core audiences and key constituent groups?


Develop an innovative Video Marketing Brochure that effectively educates your target audience with data supporting your innovation. Americhip partnered with Astra Zeneca and its ad agency on its Saphnelo Product to design and produce a patented Video Brochure speaking directly to HCPs in a position to prescribe the product. The Marketing Brochure is especially effective as it emphasizes the product as the first and only in the marketplace to treat the condition and also utilizes video content from a key opinion leader speaking to the science behind Saphnelo. We included a QR code directly under the screen to allow further engagement with these HCPs.

When your product is uniquely effective in your industry, partner with Americhip to tell your brand story with our innovative Video Brochures, Mailers and Books. Your target audience will reward you.

Signs of Success:

The Video Brochure performed so well with HCPs that Astra Zeneca reordered it within six months of the original mailing.

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