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Citroen Magazine Insert

Citroen Magazine Insert

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In launching its new model, Citroen wanted to find a way to extend its broadcast campaign and put it directly into the hands of consumers. Prior to Americhip’s proprietary Video-in-Print® technology, marketers were limited to using static photographs in print to portray moving images from the broadcast campaign.


Partnering with European publishers, Mondadori and Les Echos, Americhip utilized its Video-in-Print® technology to allow Citroen to broadcast its commercials and other video content directly in two magazines: the Italian magazine Panorama and the French magazine Enjeux Les Echos. Using iconic video clips from Marilyn Monroe and John Lennon speaking to the importance of always looking to the future for inspiration, Citroen was able to convey a singularly unique and compelling marketing message to support the launch of its new model and its “Anti Retro” campaign.


The magazines caused a huge stir in both countries with traditional and social media outlets writing, blogging and tweeting about the amazing “television in magazine” technology. A second VIPTM insert is already in production for distribution in Italy.

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