Americhip: Endo Pharmaceutical Deluxe Video Launch Kit


Endo Pharmaceutical Deluxe Video Launch Kit

Endo Pharmaceutical Deluxe Video Launch Kit

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After working hard to launch its new product and register practitioners to get certified to administer the QWO treatment, Endo Pharmaceutical needed an impressive launch kit to educate and motivate its participating HCPs.


Americhip partnered with Endo and its agency to design and manufacture a super sophisticated video training kit that was both practical and elegant.  The design starts with a supersized 12” cubed box decorated in the brand’s distinctive teal color with gold foil highlights throughout.  With the gentle pull on the decorative ribbon on top, two winged panels open up a full 180 degrees and slot in next to the base to create a two foot long training platform.  The central panel holds our 7” Video Module which plays back numerous welcome messages and training videos.  Both side panels hold product samples, custom marking tools used in treatment and a jump drive containing additional training materials.  The true genius of our engineering is seen in the final element where each panel lifts up to reveal customized storage space holding additional materials used in the QWO treatment process.  Each hidden cavity contains dividers and risers that showcase the materials in a professional and stylized manner.  Every HCP receiving this kit will be extremely impressed with the thoughtful presentation of the deluxe video kit and the design detail involved to ensure they have everything they need for a perfect start to their QWO experience.

Make sure you’re impressing and educating your HCP partners about the key details of your new product or service launch with a customized, stylized Video Launch Kit from Americhip.

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