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Coca-Cola iLearn

Coca-Cola iLearn

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Coca-Cola developed an amazing new dispenser called Freestyle that revolutionized the 100+ year old soda fountain business. Freestyle, designed by Pininfarina, the same Italian firm that designed the Ferrari sports car, is a sleek 6 foot tall Dispenser with a 20” touchscreen and over 125 different drink choices. As soon as it was launched, Freestyle was a huge hit with consumers and restaurant owners. The only challenge Coca-Cola and its channel partners experienced was finding a tool to properly train the restaurant employees in the set up, maintenance, and troubleshooting for this innovative equipment.


Americhip worked closely with Coca-Cola Operations and Commercialization Teams to design and produce an innovative Digital Training Device called iLearn. This sleek Video Slate educates, trains and informs through more than 300 video and image files covering all of the key components and functionality elements of the Freestyle Dispenser. In addition, Americhip worked closely with Coca-Cola to develop many of the content on the iLearn.

This innovative training device has six chapter buttons that directly play back the most important video content. Americhip then designed an intuitive system of menu screens that allow restaurant workers to easily search through all of the other files to find the content needed for any given situation. The iLearn ships with a self-charging docking station so it is always charged and ready for use in the field.

The iLearn Video Slate is a fully-branded, single purpose device that educates and trains without offering distracting alternatives like an Ipad, tablet or smart phone would. In addition, the content on the iLearn can be easily updated in the field to ensure that the device is always loaded with the most current materials available.

Signs of Success:

Throughout the process, Coca-Cola tested the iLearn extensively and received consistently strong results in the areas of training, ease of use, innovation and branding. Most importantly, the iLearn proved that it could save significant costs for Coca-Cola by reducing the number of expensive on-site service calls required for each restaurant. On the strength of the improved training results and the proven cost savings, the iLearns are now rolling out into restaurants along with every new Freestyle Dispenser.

"This is an awesome learning tool and we are very excited to be training with it."

- Restaurant General Manager

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