Americhip: Bloomingdales 3D Stage


Bloomingdales 3D Stage

Bloomingdales 3D Stage

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Famous the world over for its iconic window displays and the Bloomingdales Brown Bag, Bloomingdales wanted to create a one-of-a-kind gift card carrier that said happy holidays in a way that only Bloomingdales can. And why not? Their elegant and creative style has always been trend-worthy.


In order to establish continuity and enhance the Bloomingdales brand, the gift card package needed to be stylish, inspirational and, above all, unique. More than that, in order to portray the Bloomingdales mystique, the package needed to feel substantial and valuable – almost like a gift in and of itself. In effect, Bloomingdales wanted to create a package so attractive that discarding it would not seem an option.


Americhip’s team of paper engineers worked on an intricate and elegant Shadow Box™ (a proprietary Americhip technology) that opened to reveal a customized 4-layer deep, 3-D paper model of the store and its shoppers in 60’s style relief.

Signs of Success:

The joyfulness of the gift card package, complete with its surprise 3-D paper scene, delivered unique Bloomingdales charm to lucky holiday gift card recipients. The Shadow Box™ wound up being displayed on desks, shelves and bookcases throughout America - and the Bloomingdales brand once again found its way into the hearts and minds of its target audience. An enchanting way to wish valued customers a happy holiday!

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