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Credit Suisse Video Mag Insert

Credit Suisse Video Mag Insert

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Solution. Impact. Credit Suisse, a leading financial service provider, sponsored the CNBC television show, Executive Vision, a five part series that aired worldwide. Each episode focused on a different vertical market and featured leading CEOs and Executives from that industry debating a hypothetical situation to collectively reach a solution.

Credit Suisse knew that subscribers to Fortune Europe were the appropriate demographic for the show, but they were also aware how difficult it is to capture the attention of this target audience.


What better way to generate interest in the program while also raising awareness for the company than to showcase Credit Suisse executives discussing the show on Americhip’s proprietary Video in Print technology. Instead of consumers flipping past a short description on a flat print advertisement, subscribers were able to engage with four videos previewing different aspects of the program.


This marked the first time Fortune magazine featured Video in Print technology and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Executive Vision had a successful television run thanks in part to the buzz generated from VIP while Credit Suisse was able to highlight unique qualifications of the company and its resident experts in an entirely new way.

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