Americhip: Giorgio Armani Video Launch Kit


Giorgio Armani Video Launch Kit

Giorgio Armani Video Launch Kit

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When your brand name is synonymous with style and class, how can you ensure your product launch kits and retailer training materials match the sophistication of your brand?


Design a stylish, world-class launch kit that leaves no doubt what your brand stands for.  Americhip partnered with the iconic global fashion brand Giorgio Armani to create a truly one of a kind brand launch box.  It starts with the soft touch blue package and a bold silver foil branding on top. The lid opens to reveal the four new fragrances mounted in custom wells in the base and our 7” video screen with four chapter buttons embossed in silver foil.  As they work with consumers or retailer representatives, Armani’s Training Team triggers each video to educate them on the specific details of the new campaign, the brand history and each of the new products.  We enhanced the new product experience even further by including our VR Viewer that gives consumers and retailers an added dimension of product and brand engagement.

Make sure you’re wowing your education team and retailers with a stylish Video Launch Kit that matches the sophistication of your brand. After all, the medium is the message, right?

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