Americhip: Hill’s Pet 7” Stock Video Shelf Display


Hill’s Pet 7” Stock Video Shelf Display

Hill’s Pet 7” Stock Video Shelf Display


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When you have multiple brands, flavors or styles to market on shelf, how can you grab attention and communicate with all of the shoppers across your various products?


Americhip partnered with Hill’s Pet and its agency to develop an eye-catching display with a push button for each unique brand and a clear call to action:  “See how it works.”  Consumers choose which product is right for their pet (puppy, adult, older dogs, etc.) and engage with an informative video detailing the technology behind each age-specific product.  Our stock 7” Video Shelf Display is rugged yet sleek and includes a large printed front lens and flashing LED to capture attention, built-in or remote battery options and easy to install mounting hardware.  Hill's Pet rolled this program out in Petco outlets all over the country.

For a low cost, high impact on-shelf solution put our 7” Stock Video Display to work to educate your shoppers.

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