E Ink

What is E Ink?

E Ink is a revolutionary marketing technology for instore, print and packaging that can produce images, text/copy or animated scenes and can flash for up to a year on small batteries.

E Ink technology offers long-term flashing, wide viewing angles, multiple images in a single ad space and excellent quality under all lighting conditions.

Americhip is the only US based supplier of Eink’s “Ink in Motion” Products.


What are the Key Features of E Ink?

  • “No Touch” Activation. Units power on and flash continuously for up to 1 year - no push buttons or motion sensor required
  • Communicate multiple messages in the same ad space
  • Thin profile – no bulky battery packs or cables required
  • Integrate into any form factor
  • Long lasting flash – 6 to 12 months

Link to Case Study of Oster Display


What are E Ink’s Best Applications

  • Product Launches
  • Special & Seasonal Campaigns
  • Licensed Properties
  • Product Demos & Animations
  • Retailer Specific Programs
  • Stock or Custom Signage

Link to Case Study of AZO Display


Video Demo of Nitro Cold Brew

Video Demo of Oster

Video demo of OPI

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