Americhip: Endo Pharmaceutical Invite Kit with Specialty Gold-Flaked Liquid Display


Endo Pharmaceutical Invite Kit with Specialty Gold-Flaked Liquid Display

Endo Pharmaceutical Invite Kit with Specialty Gold-Flaked Liquid Display

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In these difficult times when getting key channel partners and HCPs together (virtually) to discuss the launch of your new product is nearly an impossible feat what launch materials will most effectively connect with your audience and guarantee significant attendance?


Wow your target audience with an invite kit that breaks through the clutter and generates excitement among your core audience.  Americhip partnered with Endo Pharmaceutical and its agency to design and manufacture an exclusive kit including a distinguished acrylic desktop plaque for its new Qwo product.  To highlight the brand name, we created a unique display by embedding a molded 3-D insert in the shape of a Q that's filled with gold-flaked liquid.  We also designed a two-piece, turned edge box in the brand’s distinctive teal color which also matches the top of the actual product package.  To finish off the invitation, we produced several pieces of print collateral with spot gold foil highlights. The unique package impressed the HCP audience and turned out a significant crowd for the launch event.

When you need to impress your clientele and ensure their attendance at your next event (live or virtual), partner with Americhip to create a distinguished and distinctive invite kit and custom desktop display.

Signs of Success:

The initial order generated such strong results that the client reordered immediately to increase the number of key targets who would receive the innovative invite kits.

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