Americhip: Enogen Audio Direct Mail Card


Enogen Audio Direct Mail Card

Enogen Audio Direct Mail Card

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When you’re marketing to a very specific niche of business customers, how can you be sure your branding message speaks the language of the targeted audience?


Let those who know best speak for you.  Americhip partnered with Syngenta and its agency to develop just the right audio direct mailer for its Enogen corn feed product.  Knowing farmers are a notoriously challenging group to market to, we decided to let actual dairy farmers speak in their own voice directly to other farmers.  We used Americhip’s proprietary audiochip technology to create a sleek mailer that when opened has a thumbnail photo of five farmers and a recorded message from each explaining why they prefer Enogen over the competition.  The campaign worked because it sounds just right.

Make sure the voice in your marketing materials is one trusted and respected by your target audience.  Let your customers speak directly to their colleagues with an innovative audio mailer from Americhip.

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