Americhip: AstraZeneca’s HCP Non-Personal Patented 5" Video Promotional Mailer


AstraZeneca’s HCP Non-Personal Patented 5" Video Promotional Mailer

AstraZeneca’s HCP Non-Personal Patented 5" Video Promotional Mailer

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How can you best inform physicians and other key HCPs about critical study results confirming significant performance benefits of your product as compared to other current treatment methods?


In looking to promote Lynparza, its treatment for ovarian cancer, AstraZeneca partnered with Americhip to produce a patented 5” Video Mailer highlighting the results of a recent  PAOLA-1 study.  The sleek brochure includes abundant technical data both on the cover and inside spread and also introduces Dr. Robert Coleman, US Oncology Chief Scientific Officer, who will provide the important video testimonial detailing the study results.  In the nearly 15 minute video testimonial, Dr Coleman speaks compellingly about the first ever phase 3 trial to investigate this specific regimen and then cogently details the results and why every practitioner needs to now consider this new treatment protocol for patients with similar conditions.  And, as a convenient tool for the HCPs, we printed a QR code on the inside spread where the physician can simply scan and get connected to the appropriate Rep to set up an appointment or call time.  There simply is no better way to engage with and educate physicians than to provide them with expert analysis and data in a Video Mailer that allows them to absorb the information at the most convenient time for them and to repeatedly reference it as they see additional patients. 

AstraZeneca mailed out the Video Brochures to key physicians and other HCPs across the country.  To ensure they didn’t miss the important material inside, we printed a clear directive on the outer shipper carton:  “Explore how the findings of a Phase 3 trial may change your approach to treatment.  Open for more information”

When you need to engage and educate your core group of physicians and other HCPs be sure you’re speaking to them in a language they understand and respect.  Put your key opinion leaders directly in front of your audience with a patented Video Mailer only from Americhip.

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