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Miller64 Magazine Insert

Miller64 Magazine Insert

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Miller Brewing recently relaunched Miller 64, a low calorie beer targeting young men who are too busy to spend hours at the gym. The new campaign features a musical anthem focused on the balance between work and play or, rather, the balance between working out and having a good time.

The song had achieved some recognition through its previous release to the mass market on television and radio commercials. However, with the audio magazine insert, the brand was able to directly target its core demographic -- males between 21 and 34 years old. With the upcoming summer season filled with beach trips, barbecues and pool parties, it was the perfect time to speak (or even sing!) to its key audience.


Miller targeted subscribers of Entertainment Weekly in certain cities. As a result, Miller was able to effectively reach its core audience with a catchy, hard to forget, musical jingle tailored just for them.

Benefits of audio

Audio branding influences consumers through strong sensory memory activation. Starch polling data has confirmed Americhip's audio inserts produce unprecedented results including: 100% ad recognition, 100% brand recall, 91% pass along and 53% stronger intent to purchase.

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