Americhip: Cigna Patented Video Marketing Brochures


Cigna Patented Video Marketing Brochures

Cigna Patented Video Marketing Brochures

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When your products are sold through independent brokers and agents who have multiple options to choose from, how do you stand out and show that your portfolio is the right choice in a crowded marketplace?


Demonstrate for your channel partners how and why your products are better with an innovative Video Brochure.  Americhip partnered with Cigna to create a compelling video story outlining its unique positioning within the insurance market and its specialized knowledge of the private and public sectors.  With independent brokers and agents being bombarded with marketing materials, Cigna needed a compelling patented Video Brochure to stand apart from the competition and ensure its message got through.

Engage and educate your key partners, brokers and agents with an innovative and informative Video Brochure from Americhip.

Signs of Success:

Cigna’s agents and brokers responded so well to the offering in our Video Brochures that Cigna produced a new version just a few months after the initial launch.

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