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Packaging is more than putting your product in a box. Today, packaging is imaginative, colorful, instructive and playful. It’s all about marketing. But what if your packaging could actually communicate with your customers and target prospects? Now it can with Americhip Video Packaging featuring our patented Video-In-Print™ technology. With a patented HD screen embedded right in your packaging, it can show your product in action, tell your story, offer ideas, provide guidance and even offer training. And, our meticulously crafted custom pop-up option, created by our packaging engineers, presents your story with a three-dimensional depth and dimension as well. Americhip Video Packaging adds a profound visual interest to welcome kits, new product launches, patient starter kits and new customer introductions.

Hulu Specialty Promo Package

specialty packaging

Gatorade Specialty Packaging

Specialty Packaging

Red Bull Promo Packaging

audio packaging

Starbucks Advent Calendar

dimensional packaging

Urban Decay

dimensional packaging

Nokia Dimensional Packaging

Super Pop-Up Book


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Time Fusion Packaging

video packaging

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vip live

Microsoft Wi-Fi Hotspot Magazine Insert

What better way to convey the “Office in the Cloud” that to place the internet into a magazine with Americhip’s VIP Live™ technology.

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video book

Jaeger-LeCoultre's Video Magazine Insert

How can a brand find a marketing piece to match the stature of its own company?

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video book»

webkey mailer

Mini Webkey Mailer

Americhip worked with Mini and its Ad Agency to design and produce a simple postcard mailer in the shape of the new Mini 4-Door that delivered Americhip’s Webkey technology.  Americhip’s Paper Engineers designed the Webkey to fit as the rear door of the Mini.

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webkey mailer»

vip book

Novo Nordisk Video Book

Facing two different challenges, Novo Nordisk, and their agency, Cline Davis & Mann, knew that Video in Print was versatile enough to communicate effectively in these diverse environments.

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vip book»

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