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Great packaging does so much more than just house a product. It communicates, it informs, it guides. Americhip’s innovative Video in Print™ technology elevates your standard designs into great packaging. Imagine your welcome kits, new product launches, patient starter kits, and new customer intros delivered in Video Packaging that includes a super-clear Americhip Video in Print™ screen. Your packaging can actually talk to your customers and show them your product in action. It can list instructions, offer ideas, tell a story. Imagine the kinds of information you can share with patients in the packaging of their starter kits. Consider the detailed guidance your Video Packaging can offer to go with the training device inside. Imagine how immediately you can show customers what they’ll look like using your products. When you want your packaging to do a lot of very important jobs at once, try Video in Print™.

Gatorade Specialty Packaging

Specialty Packaging

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video packaging

Time Fusion Packaging

video packaging

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Video Mailer

Jackson Financial Video Mailer

“The single best marketing piece we have used in our history.”

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video packaging


SanDisk communicates its message effortlessly with VIPTM technology from Americhip

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scented magazine insert

Pepsi Jazz

Bass-rich audio, a super pop-up with dancing musical notes, and a scratch-and-sniff that lets people sample Pepsi’s aroma. This insert turned the introduction of Pepsi Jazz into a Premiere.

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scented magazine insert»

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