Americhip: J&J Baby Lotion E Ink Riser


J&J Baby Lotion E Ink Riser

J&J Baby Lotion E Ink Riser

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How can you make sure busy shoppers actually see your product on shelf and understand the key features and benefits that set it apart from competitors within your vertical? 


Partner with Americhip to develop an innovative E Ink Riser that elevates your product above the shelf while also communicating multiple branding messages.  Americhip partnered with J&J and its marketing partner to develop a “first of its kind” instore riser that includes a 1” high by 16” long E Ink panel that flashes multiple messages right on shelf.  J&J was looking for an instore communication device to educate shoppers on key features of its new Baby Lotion line like: “NEW!”;  “For the Whole Family”;  “Enriched with Moisturizers”; “Gentle Scents”.  Americhip’s engineers designed an E Ink panel where these core product attributes scroll and flash across the screen in sequence grabbing eyeballs from every passing shopper.  And, given the low power drain of our E Ink technology, we were able to embed small dry cell batteries into the base so the unit flashes for up to 12 months without any remote battery packs or cables.

Impress and educate your shoppers with an innovative E Ink Riser or Custom Shelf Display from Americhip.

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