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Land O Lakes Video Book

Land O Lakes Video Book

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How to market to and grab the attention of farmers, a group notoriously difficult to persuade through traditional media and marketing. Land O'Lakes needed a marketing tool to engage farmers and convince them to attend a training seminar where the company exhibits its products, provides detailed information and unveils new technologies.


Americhip worked with Land O'Lakes and its advertising agency to design a video book that speaks directly to farmers and to their concerns. The videos highlight AgriSolutionsTM, crop performance, and getting the most out of your seed. Land O'Lakes mailed the video book to 10,000 farmers throughout the U.S. This unique direct mail piece won the prestigious Best of Show at the National AgriMarketing Association (NAMA).


Land O’ Lakes reported a 40% increase in seminar commitments over the previous year. Also as soon as the video books landed, Land O'Lakes began hearing positive feedback including the following emails:

Subject: High Praise.

“I got the book with built in video yesterday. IT IS AWESOME. I wanted to pass on congratulations on a great piece. I love it.”

Thanks,Brian Buchholz
Seed and Agronomy Advisor

A second email came from the CEO of Innovative Livestock Marketing, a farming co-op with 7 feedlots, over 200K head of cattle and 30K+ farm acres:

“I received a copy of “The Expertise to Deliver the Right Results” from Winfrield Solutions in the mail. I think it was the most impressive piece of mall advertising I have ever received.Justwanted youtoknowyourprogramimpressed one consumer.”

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