Americhip: Emerson Patented Video Mailer


Emerson Patented Video Mailer

Emerson Patented Video Mailer

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When you’re rebranding and trying to change your image in the marketplace what tools are available to let your customers and employees know about your new direction and all it entails?


Develop an innovative Video Brochure with Americhip that encapsulates your new branding and corporate direction.  Emerson was transforming from a manufacturing company to a technology and software leader.  And what better way to spread the word to its global team and customers than a bold Video Brochure?  With the graphic direction designed by its agency, the sleek mailer comes in matte black with the new tagline “Go Boldly” splashed across the cover in all the colors of the rainbow.  As recipients open the brochure, high energy video starts immediately.  We included our patented chapter buttons so users can check out each of the four videos highlighting core corporate strategies at their own pace.

In addition to its new tagline, Emerson also developed a new Audio Logo that resonates with each play.  Be sure you're developing emotional connections that heighten your branding message for your employees, prospects and customers with sonic branding and Video Brochures from Americhip.

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