Americhip: Shark Ninja Digital Product Selector + E-commerce Code


Shark Ninja Digital Product Selector + E-commerce Code

Shark Ninja Digital Product Selector + E-commerce Code

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This tech driven appliance manufacturer needed an in-store communications device to help its shoppers figure out which vacuum was right for their specific needs.


Americhip partnered with Shark Ninja's marketing team to develop a custom app that we programmed onto our 10" touchscreen connected shelf unit to help consumers find just the right product for their needs.  As shoppers encounter the sleek video shelf unit, they are asked to enter 5 data points about their home and cleaning needs.  Based on those responses, our custom app identifies the best solution for that consumer and instantly flashes the image and specs for that vacuum cleaner.  And, as these devices are connected via WIFI, Shark Ninja is able to update the content remotely and gather instore performance analytics.

In addition to the instore execution, Americhip’s programmers also created the code used at to give online shoppers the same product selector experience available on shelf.    

Partner with Americhip to create end to end solutions utilizing our connected devices and custom software to give your shoppers the tools they need to make the right decisions…and that allow you to gather critical performance analytics.

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