Americhip: Ralph Lauren Polo’s Deep Blue Fragrance Audio Launch Kit


Ralph Lauren Polo’s Deep Blue Fragrance Audio Launch Kit

Ralph Lauren Polo’s Deep Blue Fragrance Audio Launch Kit

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When you need to generate an emotional bond with your retailer, shopper or influencer about the essence of your product, how can you engage their senses to heighten the impact of your communication piece? 


Create a Multisensory product launch kit that draws in your recipient by engaging them in the essence of your product.  Americhip partnered with Polo to launch its new fragrance called Deep Blue which is inspired by the power of the ocean. We designed a stylish turned edge box to hold the product sample.  But more importantly, to communicate the actual essence of Deep Blue we produced a stylish welcome card designed in all blue hues that sits on top of the bottle and when opened plays the rhythmic sound of the ocean crashing on the shore.  A powerful emotional connection is established immediately between the consumer and the brand.

Make sure you’re connecting on a deeper emotional level with your clients, retailers and other partners through Americhip’ s Multisensory print and packaging.

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