Americhip: Greenbrier Companies Patented Video Marketing Book


Greenbrier Companies Patented Video Marketing Book

Greenbrier Companies Patented Video Marketing Book

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In today’s challenging marketplace where live meetings are difficult to come by and digital offerings get lost in the overcrowded marketplace, how can you ensure your marketing breaks through and resonates with your target audience?


Create a Patented Video Book that puts your message directly into the hands of your top customers and prospects.  The Greenbrier Companies manufacture and lease railcars and manage transportation of products for global customers. They had spent years developing a Virtual Sample Railcar (VSR) that allows customers to view the actual product without having to travel to a show or its corporate offices.  However, with limited in person meetings and almost no trade shows to attend, customers were not using the new tool and the companies were not seeing the forecasted results.  Americhip partnered with Greenbrier to create a patented Video Book—the perfect marketing tool to show and tell clients about the new VSR.  The impressive casebound book opens to reveal our large 7” screen which provides plenty of real estate to play a demo video showing customers exactly how the VSR tool works.

Make sure your marketing message is not being overlooked.  Break through the clutter by putting a stylish Video Book directly into the hands of your top customers and prospects.

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