Americhip: Keurig Patented Video Blades


Keurig Patented Video Blades

Keurig Patented Video Blades

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How do you best educate consumers about your new products and line extensions when they remain primarily focused on your core product?


Keurig partnered with Americhip to produce our patented shelf-edge Video Blades to go into Walmarts around the country that show (rather than tell) shoppers how the new line is different.  While Keurig dominates the single cup brewing business, it had recently developed a new line called K-Latte to give consumers the ability to make sumptuous lattes right at home.  Our horizontal 4.3” Video Blade was the perfect tool to show consumers how the new device not only brewed the coffee but also had a built in milk frother to create the creamy topping needed for a home brewed latte.

Put Americhip’s Patented Video Blades to work to help educate consumers on the key benefits of your new product offering

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