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Trident Video Brochure

Trident Video Brochure

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Mondelez needed a creative way to communicate a new campaign direction for its Trident brand.  With a mature brand like Trident, Mondelez needed a creative way to break through and grab the attention of retailers, distributors and other channel partners. With its campaign slogan of “See What Unfolds,” Mondelez needed an innovative marketing communication vehicle to avoid being overlooked in the marketplace. 


Working with Mondelez’ agency, Americhip designed and produced an innovative marketing brochure incorporating our patented Video in Print technology. What better way to showcase your unique positioning than by using Americhip’s innovative video brochures.  Mondelez utilized the Video in Print mailer to showcase its dynamic new marketing video built around its product positioning of “A tiny spark of positivity lets fun unfold.”   The mailer’s design and video content communicated clearly to Mondelez’ channel partners the fun and fresh new direction it was taking the Trident brand.

Transform your next B2B development mailer from a traditional, overlooked piece into a real show-stopper. 

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