Americhip: Fortinet Patented B2B Video Mailer


Fortinet Patented B2B Video Mailer

Fortinet Patented B2B Video Mailer

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When you have a breakthrough new technology that the marketplace needs to understand in order to begin engaging with your company, how do you breakthrough and grab attention?


Americhip partnered with Fortinet, a cybersecurity firm that offers innovative IT software and related services, to design and manufacture a patented Video Mailer that delivers a targeted, complete and compelling message to their retailer customer base.  These sleek, soft-touch video brochures incorporate our 4.3” VIP screen and deliver an informative two minute message educating retailers on how to protect their consumers’ data.

Signs of Success:

Given the strong success of these B2B Video Mailers, Fortinet has produced five additional campaigns utilizing our patented video mailer technology.

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