Americhip: FOX Lighted Media Kit - Lucifer


FOX Lighted Media Kit - Lucifer

FOX Lighted Media Kit - Lucifer

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With the television marketplace growing ever more crowded, the premiere of a new series requires a great deal of promotion. The long-term success of a new show is often dictated by the number of viewers who tune in on that first episode. As such, FOX needed an impressive marketing piece to reach out to local and national media outlets and key influencers within the entertainment industry. 


Americhip partnered with FOX to design and produce a simple but bold marketing brochure using Americhip’s proprietary LED technology. The front cover of the kit has the star standing in front of a wall with the show’s title carved into the brick background. And, with the push of a button, the show’s title “Lucifer” begins to glow. The eerie effect is further enhanced when, thanks to creative die cuts and printed acetate, the “U” in the title perfectly forms the trademark horns around the devilish lead character. With the help of Americhip’s engineering and LED Technology, FOX had a Media Kit that lived up to the show’s “Hot As Hell” positioning statement. 

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