Americhip: Conair E Ink Shelf Edge Display


Conair E Ink Shelf Edge Display

Conair E Ink Shelf Edge Display

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When you have important product information you need to share with shoppers for an extended period of time, what tool gives you a cost effective and captivating presence on the shelf?


Americhip’s E Ink technology is a perfect instore tool to grab attention and deliver a series of flashing messages.  We partnered with Conair to design and produce an innovate shelf-edge E Ink Display highlighting its All-In-One Dryer Brush.  We designed the panel with an eight flash sequence that highlights each product image with the corresponding feature/benefit description.  To extend the dialogue, we included a QR code for shoppers to scan for more information and styling tips.  And, given the long-lasting nature of this technology, these displays will be flashing in outlets for four major retailers across the country for over a year.

Put Americhip’s E Ink shelf-edge technology to work with your next launch to break through the clutter and educate your shoppers.

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