Americhip: White Claw Rep Training Video Packaging


White Claw Rep Training Video Packaging

White Claw Rep Training Video Packaging

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What communication tool is best suited to train a team of Gen Z and Millennial Reps who are enthusiastic to get out and market your product but not very interested in reading long training manuals?


Speak to your Rep team in the language they are most comfortable with for receiving information.  For this group of younger Reps that means video over merely written communications.  Americhip partnered with White Claw to design and manufacture a clever video training package which starts with a large image of the iconic can on the cover. The Reps then open the hinged lid to unveil our 7” video screen and a fun 3-D pop up of the cans with ocean waves.  The five minute instructional video is jam packed with key information for each flavor on everything from the ingredients to the brewing process to the subtle tasting elements to key FAQs and more.   To help Reps absorb the training data, we included a play/pause button to allow them to stop the video to take notes on key points and then continue the tutorial.  To finish off the kit, we also packed out a product sample, a pair of sunglasses and various training sheets.  After engaging with the stylish and informative training package, the White Claw Rep Team was ready to go out and market the product with an informative and educated sales pitch.

When you need to educate your team of Reps or distributors be sure you’re able to catch their attention, impress them and communicate key material in a manner they find most appealing with a custom Video Training Kit from Americhip.

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