Americhip: Sailor Jerry Two-Sided E Ink Blades


Sailor Jerry Two-Sided E Ink Blades

Sailor Jerry Two-Sided E Ink Blades

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If your product has multiple uses and not all of them readily apparent to the average consumer, how can you best educate your shoppers in store about these unique and innovative applications?


Put our innovative and long-flashing E Ink Blade Technology to work to stop shoppers in the store aisle and then educate them on all the key features of your product.  Americhip partnered with Sailor Jerry and its agency to design and produce custom, two-sided E Ink Blades that flash a custom recipe for spiked hot chocolate.  With the innovative E Ink technology we were able to flash three different sets of messages on the same screen to walk shoppers through everything needed to concoct this holiday treat. The initial screen flashes with the brand name to attract consumers.  Then within seconds, the necessary ingredients and proper mixing steps alternate flashing to entertain and educate the consumer.  To ensure nobody could miss this special seasonal offer, we included the flashing E Ink panels on both sides of the merchandiser to capture shoppers coming and going.

Make sure your consumers know how to best put your product to use with an innovative, long-flashing, shelf-edge E Ink Sign.

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