Americhip: Cenex Patented Video Marketing Brochure


Cenex Patented Video Marketing Brochure

Cenex Patented Video Marketing Brochure

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Cenex is an oil and gas company that sells its products through distributor-owned retailers and it needed an innovative communication piece to roll out its new marketing plan for the upcoming year.


Distributor owners/franchisees are demanding partners and expect high performing marketing from their corporate ownership/franchisor. Americhip partnered with Cenex and its agency to develop an impressive Video Brochure to highlight the strong marketing campaign it had developed around the theme of “Powered Locally”. Built around the independent ownership and small town locations of its retailers, the Video Brochure highlights the local touch so unique to its outlets and how important it is to the ultimate consumer to feel that they are known and respected at the local level.  Make sure your marketing campaigns speak to the strengths and uniqueness of your channel partners through Americhip’s patented Video Books and Brochures. 

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