Americhip: Bayer Updateable Video Shelf Talkers


Bayer Updateable Video Shelf Talkers

Bayer Updateable Video Shelf Talkers

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When consumers know your product for a specific application how can you educate them at the point of sale about other important health benefits that are not as well known by the general public?


Grab their attention and then deliver a targeted message right from the retail aisle.   Bayer has more than 120 years of history behind its aspirin, but the benefit for heart attack survivors was only recently discovered.  To deliver this message to consumers at various club retailers, Bayer partnered with Americhip to produce an economical Video Unit that could mount directly to the pallet wrap display.  As consumers approach, the motion sensor triggers an initial attract video and then consumers opt in to watch the entire video by pressing the push button. And, with our proprietary updateable design, Bayer will be able to refresh both the video content and the printed faceplace during the campaign's six month run.

Make sure your consumers are fully educated about your product by communicating with them directly on your pallet wrap displays with our Updateable Video Displays. 

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