Americhip: Inspire Patented New Patient Video Starter Kit


Inspire Patented New Patient Video Starter Kit

Inspire Patented New Patient Video Starter Kit

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Inspire, a leading sleep apnea medical device manufacturer, needed a Patient Starter Kit to help onboard new patients and help them fully understand the parameters of the product and accompanying protocols.


Partner with Americhip to design the perfect video training manual to ensure new patients understand every element of your new product.  Americhip designed an impressive instruction booklet which incorporated our 7” VIP Screen and four spreads, each with a custom video detailing an element of the treatment.  New patients are often overwhelmed with their own illness and the required adjustments to their lifestyle.  With the Video Starter Kit, Inspire was able to remove any worry or confusion for its patients by thoroughly demonstrating in each video and accompanying spread exactly how to use the new device and what to expect during the protocol.  As an added benefit, Inspire included business card holders on the back of the Video Manual so each patient had easy access to local subject matter experts involved in their care.

Work with Americhip to develop an innovative video training manual to ensure your patients get all their questions answered and have a smooth onboarding process for your new product.

Signs of Success:

The feedback from patients was so positive that Medtronic re-ordered additional thousands of units a few months after the initial launch.

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