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Heineken, one of the world’s largest names in the spirits industry, was the official sponsor of the United European Football Association Champions league. With a long established position as one of the preeminent beer producers, Heineken wanted a unique ad to draw attention to its position as a main sponsor for this event.


Heineken turned to Americhip to utilize our proprietary audio technology to create a captivating advertisement. As Playboy readers opened the new issue, they heard the instantly recognizable UEFA Champions League Anthem. With great audio fidelity and Americhip’s thin-profile audio module, readers were exposed to a clever insert which heightened the excitement for the pending Championships and emphatically reinforced Heineken’s leadership position.

Audio branding strongly influences consumers through strong sensory memory activation. Americhip’s line of Multisensory® advertisement engages consumers through all five senses to create the most compelling ads and marketing available. Starch polling data has confirmed Americhip audio inserts produce unprecedented results including: 100% ad recognition, 100% brand recall and 90% pass along.

Signs of Success:

The insert had the desired effect of instantly capturing consumers’ attention to create a lasting impression and association between Heineken and the UEFA. Heineken was extremely impressed with the overall execution and was thrilled with the positive recognition it received from major media outlets all over Russia.

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