Americhip: Compass One Healthcare Patented 7” Video Brochure


Compass One Healthcare Patented 7” Video Brochure

Compass One Healthcare Patented 7” Video Brochure

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How do you communicate effectively to the marketplace when you need to announce critical information about your company or a new product launch?


Utilize the most advanced form of marketing communication to ensure your critical demographic sees and understands your product and brand messaging.  Americhip partnered with the newly formed Compass One Healthcare to design and produce a sleek Video Brochure housing our 7” TFT screen.  As consumers open the brochure, they engage with the video content through our five-chapter buttons, each triggering a unique video detailing the improved performance and new services offered by the firm.  The Video Brochure was mailed out to the target audience in a custom printed protective shipper that grabs attention and ensures the product arrives safe and sound.  This innovative video branding device perfectly captures the theme of the new company:  Passion for the Experience.

Make sure your brand message gets delivered with style and impact to your core customers, prospects, channel partners and other consumers.  Partner with Americhip on an innovative patented Video Brochure that persuasively tells your brand story.

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