Americhip: Carolina Herrera Bad Boy Perfume Launch Kit and Video Brochure


Carolina Herrera Bad Boy Perfume Launch Kit and Video Brochure

Carolina Herrera Bad Boy Perfume Launch Kit and Video Brochure

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In a crowded field, how can you ensure your new product gets the attention it deserves from your top retailers, instore education teams and leading influencers?


Partner with Americhip to design and produce a specialty product launch kit full of the wow factor.  Carolina Herrera’s Bad Boy Fragrance brand is built around the energy of a lightning bolt.  To generate that kind of power. Americhip designed a large turned edge box, decked out all in soft touch black and streamlined with gold foil piping around the top edge.  When opened, the specialty package reveals a 12” tall placard of an electric burst of lightning complete with flashing lights and rumbling  thunderclaps.  A dramatic product reveal to say the least!  In the base, a felt covered top layer holds a  product sample in a custom lightning shaped well, which lifts up to reveal a second layer including product brochures and decorative tiles.   A launch kit this special is sure to generate strong buzz among your retailers, instore education teams and the all-important social media influencers.

Make sure your product is able to cut through the cluttered marketplace and deliver real stopping power with a custom audio and lighted specialty launch kit from Americhip. 

Signs of Success:

The audio and lighted launch kit performed so well for the brand that it wanted to extend its dialogue with influencers and retailers. What better way to get its story out there than with an oversized patented Video Brochure.  The soft touch 9” x 12” brochure opens to reveal our 7” Video in Print screen with three chapter buttons that highlight all of the product’s key attributes.

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