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Novo Nordisk Video Book

Novo Nordisk Video Book

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The campaign for the drug, NovoSeven® RT, is centered on the premise that time is precious. The drug is used for the treatment of bleeding episodes in hemophilia patients. These episodes are hard to predict and often occur at times that are less than convenient. NovoSeven® RT, offers relief to people with this condition thanks to the low volume infusion process, which allows patients to treat the episode quickly.

With an upcoming seminar, Novo Nordisk needed a compelling medium to communicate the benefits of NovoSeven® RT in a busy and distracting environment. They also needed to raise awareness among physicians in office, who would prescribe the drug to patients.


Facing two different challenges, Novo Nordisk, and their agency, Cline Davis & Mann, knew that Video in Print was versatile enough to communicate effectively in these diverse environments.

The result was an impressive coffee table book with a large 7” LCD screen that was handed out at the seminar. A brochure featuring a 5” screen was used as a sales aid to target busy physicians. Both were complete with multiple spreads, volume control and a sleek PI pocket. Each spread detailed different features and benefits of the drug providing a complete picture of why NovoSeven® RT was the right choice for hemophilia patients.


Novo Nordisk was extremely pleased with the success of both Video in Print applications and the attention they commanded, both at the seminar and in the doctor's office.

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