Americhip: HP Healthcare Patented 7” Video Marketing Book


HP Healthcare Patented 7” Video Marketing Book

HP Healthcare Patented 7” Video Marketing Book

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When you have technical products and services that improve the performance environment of your healthcare clients, how can you effectively share the full value of your offering with key customers and prospects?


Work with Americhip to develop an interactive Video Marketing Brochure that communicates the full range of your offering.  We worked with HP and its agency to design an impressive 9” x 12” casebound Video Book that incorporates our 7” Video Screen and three chapter buttons, each highlighting a special dimension of HP’s technical offering.  To extend the dialogue, we designed a pocket into the inside spread to hold informational brochures and also included a QR code that provides additional digital content for the healthcare professionals.  HP targeted key hospital administrators and IT Managers with the Video Brochure to generate multiple new selling opportunities.

Make sure you’re providing an impressive enough communication tool to support your technical products and services by utilizing Americhip’s patented Video Marketing Books.

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