Americhip: Henkel New Product Launch Kit


Henkel New Product Launch Kit

Henkel New Product Launch Kit

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When you’re launching a new brand called Caviar how can you ensure your retailers and influencers understand the quality and sophistication of your new product without having to break the bank?


Partner with Americhip to design a functional and sophisticated two piece set box that delivers your new product in style.  For the launch of Henkel’s new Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Cream, our packaging engineers designed a simple and functional sturdy box decorated with full coverage of the product’s lilac branding.  When the lid is removed, recipients are treated to the new Caviar products nestled into a luxurious, soft-touch foam insert with custom wells.  The detail and design excellence let each influencer and retail partner know the level of care Alterna put into its new product.

Make sure you give your new products the launch they deserve with a custom kit designed by Americhip’s Paper Engineers.

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